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Nov. 10, 2019 (Sun) 18:00

Shiodome hall

A Finnish cultural festival that will charm you with the sound of fine tango and dance

The 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan

Matti Laukkanen's

first visit to Japan

Nov. 9, 2019 (Sat) 11:30

Roppongi K concert salon 

Thank you for comming!



Jazz pianist Matti Laukkanen's first visit to Japan. Enjoy the innovative sounds of stylish Finnish tango in collaboration with Nordic dancing.

(Opening at 17:30)Scheduled to end at 20:00

Nov. 10, 2019 (Sun) 18:00

Matti Laukkanen

Finnish pianist, composer / arranger, music educator

Shiodome Media Tower Annex 1F

1-7-2, Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, TOKYO

Shiodome hall

[ Access ]

  • Toei Subway Oedo Line "Shiodome Station", (Exits 7 and 8) 1 minute walk to Shiodome Media Tower Annex.

  • New Transit Yurikamome "Shiodome Station"  Directly connected to the main building of Shiodome Media Tower; 1 minute walk to the Annex.

  • Approximately 7 minutes on foot from JR, Tokyo Metro, and Toei Subway "Shinbashi Station" through the Sasamori Exit heading to Shiodome, or the west exit.

He is a pianist who plays various genres of music, such as jazz and tango, with stylish harmonies. He is active in festivals and concerts in Finland, Europe, the United States and Argentina. As a composer and arranger, he has produced numerous works including original tango pieces. He has also trained many world-class pianists as a renown teacher in Finland. Original music will be performed for the first time at this first show in Japan. 

[ Admission fee ]

  • Advance prices: General seating 1000 Yen

  • Advance prices: Minato City discount 800 Yen (Only for Minato City Residents / Workers / Students)

  • On the day: 1100 yen (Only if there are seats available on that day. No Minato City discount.)

*Please refrain from bring preschool age children. 



​”Let's create music for our town!”

​​~Your choices become sound and "town"♪~

Your favorite sceneries will become improvised harmonies and phrases by Matti Laukkanen, and eventually the "town of music" will be born. It will be an improvised live performance created only by the people who gather on this day.

What kind of "our music town" will be built?

Come on the day of the performance and find out!

Anyone can participate ♪

Nov. 9, 2019 (Sat) 11:30

(Opening at 11:15)Scheduled to end at 12:45

Roppongi K concert salon

Zentoku roppongi bldg. 1F

1-7-27, Roppongi, Minato-ku,TOKYO

[ Access ]

  • Toei Subway Nanboku Line "Roppongi itchome Station" (Exit 2)  1 minute walk.


[ Admission fee ]

  • Advance prices: General seating 1000 Yen

  • Advance prices: Minato City discount 500 Yen (Only for Minato City Residents / Workers / Students)

  • On the day: 1100 yen (Only if there are seats available on that day. No Minato City discount.)

*Preschool age children can come to the talk & music session (free of charge). 


[ About applications ]

Please apply after acknowledging "information" in advance. Reception will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Advance application has ended.

There are still seats on the day.

[ Information ]

  • Please do not inquire directly about the contents of this website at the gathering place.

  • The contents of the performance may change due to unavoidable reasons.

  • Excluding in the case of the performance being cancelled, applications cannot be canceled, refunded or changed.

  • Please use public transportation for your visit. There is no parking lot.

  • Please contact us in advance if you are a wheelchair user.

  • You cannot enter during the performance.

  • Please be considerate of the viewing and listening environment.

  • Personal information received at the time of application will be used only for communication and admission confirmation regarding this event.

[ Remittances ]

Please send payment to the following account within 3 days of applying.

The price includes consumption tax. 
We're sorry, but we must ask that you bear the transfer fee for remittances as well.

​※ After confirming the remittance, the application will be confirmed.

【When sending from another bank's account】
銀行名/Bank name:ゆうちょ銀行 (Japan Post Bank)
店名/Branch name:〇一八 (zero ichi hachi)
店番/Branch number:018 

預金種目/Account type:普通預金
口座番号/Account number:8840122
口座名義/Account name :


【When sending from a ゆうちょ銀行(Japan Post Bank) account】

口座名義/Account name:



[ Admission ]

We will confirm your name and phone number when you enter. 

※ If you are eligible for Minato City discount, please present your ID card at the venue.

Contact:Finnish Tango & Dance International Association
Phone.: 050-3716-3322

*Replies may take 2-3 days. Please be aware of this. 

Host :

Co-sponsors :

Pro Arte Musicae Co.,Ltd.

Supporters :

Embassy of Finland

Visit Finland

Finnish Institute in Japan

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Japani-Suomi  Yhdistys


FY2019 Minato Support Program for Art and Cultural Activities

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