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Finnish tango in the groove and air tango workshop♪
Takuro Iga (P),  emii (Air-tango Instruction)

The event at the Embassy of Finland on Nov. 23rd (Mon.) has been canceled at the discretion of the Embassy in view of the spread of corona infection.
We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it, and thank you for your understanding.

Registration for the Metsä-pavilion Concert

The Metsä-pavilion concert is part of the program for the Open House event "Experience Finland!" at the Embassy of Finland on Nov. 23. Registration for the Open House event is required.

Due to the pandemic, the day will be divided into 3 time slots: 10:00-12:00, 12:30-14:30 and 15:00-17:00. Fifty people will be invited in each time slot on the first-come first-serve basis when registration opens on Monday 9 November 12:00 PM Japan Time.  Please register in the time slot of preference by clicking on the below link. Deadline for registration is Monday 16 November.

◆The event on Nov. 23rd (Mon.) has been canceled due to the rapid spread of corona infection.◆

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

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Details of the event


Metsä-pavilion Concert at the Embassy of Finland (Real event)


◆The actual event will be canceled due to the spread of corona infection.◆

  • On the second floor of the newly opened Metsä-Pavilion at the Finnish Embassy, you can experience the air-tango that anyone can dance while listening to the rhythmic Finnish tango by Takuro Iga's piano solo.

  • The open house event will be held three times: the first session open at 10:00, the second at 12:30, and the third at 15:00. The capacity for each session is 50 people. When the capacity is reached, the application will be closed, so if you wish, please apply as soon as possible.

  • For security reasons, please come to the main gate of the embassy just at the opening time. A staff confirms your registration before you enter. You will not be able to enter if you are before the opening time or if you are late for more than 30 minutes. Your registration is valid only in one session, you are not allowed stay in the embassy over the session. Please note that you are not able to re-enter if you leave the venue on the way.

  • Admission free. The program is suitable for elementary school students and above.

  • Access

12 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
1 minute walk from bus stop "Honmura shogakko iriguchi" on the Chii-bus Azabu Nishi Route

※There is no parking lot or bicycle parking lot available. If you are visiting, please use public transportation. We look forward to welcoming you.

  • The schedule may change without notice due to unavoidable reasons. So thank you in advance for your understanding.

※Request for measures against COVID-19:

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, please leave a space between the seats so that the venue will not be crowded, and please cooperate in wearing masks, disinfecting, temperature measurement, etc. on the day.
Please check your health condition and measure the temperature before coming to the venue, and please refrain from visiting if you fall under any of the following.
・Those who have a fever of 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or higher.
・Those who have difficulty breathing (dyspnea) or strong dullness.
・Those who have symptoms such as cough and sore throat even if they are mild.
In order to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the name and emergency contact information may be provided to public institutions such as public health centers as necessary. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

■ Takuro Iga


Composer / Arranger / Pianist / Keyboardist
Started playing the piano at the age of three. Department of Composition, Kunitachi College of Music. Started activities such as live performances and recordings while still in college. The co-starring / arrangements so far have been wide-ranging, including Chisako Takashima, Taro Hakase, and Nogizaka 64. He is in charge of many productions for TV animations, dramas, commercials, etc. In TV Asahi's "Daimei no nai ongakukai", he has been active in a wide range of activi
ties, including many appearances as a pianist, numerous orchestra arrangements, and band arrangements.

■ What is Finnish tango?


  Many people think of Finland as a country of forests and lakes, a design powerhouse, and Moomin, but it is also the kingdom of Tango. About 100 years ago, tango began to spread at about the same time as Finland's independence, and since then, it has taken in the Finnish mentality with the passage of time and has developed independently. Familiarity with Finnish tango is one of the best opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the Finnish spirit. This time, we hope that you will enjoy Finnish tango arranged with cutting-edge dance music by playing with a sense of rhythm. Please look forward to the beautiful Finnish tango music that has been reborn as a bridge of friendship between Japan and Finland and spread its wings from Tokyo around the world.

■ What is air-tango?


  Finland's "Air Guitar Championship", where player performs with gestures as if playing a real electric guitar, is world-famous, but its tango version, "Air Tango Championship", is also popular in Finland. Normally, tango is a pair dance that dances with a partner, but air tango is a tango that you can enjoy alone as if you were partnering with a wonderful partner. This time, we have also prepared a workshop where everyone can experience the air tango. It is suitable for “the with corona era”. Why don't you take this opportunity to dance Air Tango with a grooved performance?


Online delivery

  • A video with commentary added to the concert recorded on Nov. 23rd will be distributed for limited time from Dec.12th (sat.) to Dec. 19th (Sat.).
    Even those who could not come on the day can enjoy the concert online at home.

  • Priority delivery will be given to Minato City residents from Dec. 12th (Sat.) to Dec. 13th (Sun.). General delivery will be available from Dec 14th (Mon.).

Producer : 

Finnish Tango & Dance International Association

Co-sponsored by : 

the Embassy of Finland

Sponsored by :

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Finnish Institute in Japan
Japan Finland Association


Contact : 

Finnish Tango & Dance International Association


FY2020 Minato Support Program for Art and Cultural Activities

Phone : +81-50-3716-3322
E-mail : info@finlandtango.com

※ Please do not contact the embassy directly regarding this event.